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When William Caxton introduced his new-fangled printing press in the late 15th Century, the opportunity to persuade with the written word began its inexorable journey.   In fact, the oldest surviving print advert, from 1477, is for Caxton's own book 'Ordinale ad usum Sarum', which now resides in the Bodleian Library!

Wordsmiths have been populating the world of print media ever since, with skills that continue to evolve in reponse to successive communication innovations;  from television and radio to, more latterly, the internet and its ubiquitous social media.

Words carry the power to educate, inspire, convince or encourage readers and listeners to make a purchase. . .  or respond to a 'call for action', such as the one below!

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the dna of english

The English language is a complex beast.   Having evolved from largely Anglo-Saxon and Romance roots, it has been heavily influenced by many other languages over the centuries including, but certainly not limited to;  French, Greek, Latin, Dutch, Hindi and Spanish.

As a consequence, English is subtley nuanced, frequently idiomatic, and can be expressed in myriad forms ranging from friendly informal, to highly structured technical, legal or business styles.

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An interesting aside;  very little is guaranteed to lose a visitor's attention faster than being swamped by a sea of words!

To save you from drowning, if you want more information on any subject, you'll find 'BONUS' links like the one below throughout the site that will open more in-depth content.

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All major search engines, (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.)  live, eat and breathe words. . .  and this simple device allows more words and more potential search terms to be included without making a website unworkably verbose!

Although hidden from a human visitor until requested, bonus content is ALWAYS visible to Search Engines and represents a powerful SEO opportunity.

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whois cfix?

Croeso, hello, bonjour, guten Tag & dia dhuit!   Copyfix is just I. . .  call me Brodie.   I'm a 67 year-old time served journalist, advertising copywriter and technical author who has spent the last 45 years writing for live performance, print, radio adverts, training manuals, blogs and, more recently, re-engineering English translations for clients worldwide.

Time to slip into the third person!

[ BONUS:  A very abridged resume. . . ]

A full time comedy writer and performer since 1978.  In addition to countless, largely satirical, magazine articles, Brodie's UK broadcast credits include;

1984 - 1986:  Freelance writer for Central Television's 'Spitting Image', 'The Two Ronnies' on BBC 2 and the tenured writer for 'Precord', a commercial production company serving regional Independent Local Radio station (ILRs) across the North East.

1986 - 1987:  Commissioned writer for the BBC comedy department under John lloyd, with credits including 'Naked Radio', 'Naked Video' and Rory Bremner's 'Now Something Else'.

1987:  Three times winner of 'Bob Says Opportunity Knocks' on the BBC, culminating in 21 million viewers watching his live gala performance at the London Palladium.

1987 - 1989:  Multiple TV guest appearances and further writing credits.

Brodie gave up performing in 2000 to concentrate on writing. . .  and to further develop his skills as a web designer.

2001 - 2002:  Brodie was engaged to design and deliver business English tutorials to the senior executives of Gazprom in Moscow under the banner of ''.

In 2010 he developed a website and associated software for a local mail forwarding centre.  Initially a client project, Brodie agreed to take over management control a year later, encorporating, re-branding and expanding the business internationally via a network of franchised outlets.

During his tenure as Operations Director, his responsibilities included PR, communications, training, marketing and brand protection.

Brodie 'officially' retired in 2021.


the cost?

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Copywriting slogan: read, hear, speak

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