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Is the response to your website, social media, email campaigns or advertising brochures disappointing?

Was the content written by you, your printer, or your web designer?   Whilst individual disciplines are important, copywriting is a very specific skill and, because words are the primary means by which you communicate with potential customers, probably the most immediately critical.

Words are powerful, more so when wielding with skill.

[ BONUS:  Which version of English? ]

To complicate matters still further, there are two distinct variants of English. . .  'British' and 'American'  (or 'international').

The most obvious differences are in spelling  (centre v center, through v thro, organise v organize etc.)  and vocabulary;  is it a holiday or a vacation. . .  a shop or store;  a lorry, wagon, truck, HGV or semi?   Less apparent however, is the distinction in syntax and grammar.

But don't worry.   Simply call and tell me about your potential customers;  are they in the UK, North America or elsewhere, and is your market B2B or B2C?   Then leave it to my professional expertise to determine the best 'voice' and version of English for the finished copy.


You'll find all of these points covered in more detail in the copywriting tips page!

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social media & blogs

better english means better response

A blog (short for web log), is a frequently updated web page used for personal commentary or business content.   A post is any article, news piece or guide published to this page (which can, itself, be part of your own website, or hosted on one of the many external public blog sites).

The myriad benefits that blogging provides include;  generating organic traffic from search engines. . .  whilst creating both awareness and credibility within a new audience.

A blog post typically covers a specific topic or query, is educational in nature, and ranges from 500 to 2,000+ words.

[ BONUS:  Questions about blog writing ]

The following hypothetical questions will help you formulate an approach to creating effective blogs for your business. . .

  • What topics do your competitors regularly cover?
  • What topics do their readers respond to, and comment upon, most?
  • What does your professional expertise qualify you to write about?
  • What perspective can you bring that makes you stand out from the crowd?
  • Can you teach your readers how to do something. . .  or solve a problem?
  • Finally, and most importantly, is blog writing something you can effectively execute yourself, or do you need the help of a professional freelance writer?

The editorial approach chosen will be informed largely by your chosen topics, and the problems you are helping your readers to solve.   Once you have established credibility as a leader in your field and an authoritative source of information, you may then consider posting 'how-to' articles. . .  which are amongst the most effective blogging concepts.


social media posts

Whilst blog posts can be published intermittently, adding new content to a social media page or profile must be done frequently in order to retain your followers' loyalty and interest.

Generally much shorter than blogs, regular social media posts enable you to create and cement relationships with individual readers.   Maintaining the brevity of these posts makes the creation of microcopy (see the website content page)  all the more important.

marketing emails

work harder in native english

Sadly, most English speaking countries (certainly the UK, US and Australia) are inherently suspicious of anything 'foreign'. . .  so the same attention applied to your blogs and social media posts should be extended to marketing email broadcasts, if you wish them to achieve their true potential.

[ BONUS:  Anonymous email marketing ]

I'm not the internet police!   I make no distinction between opt-in or speculative email broadcasts and have re-written many hundreds of marketing emails for clients in Eastern Europe, Pakistan, India, the far East and China.   In all cases this has at least doubled the effectiveness of their English language campaigns. . .  at very little cost!

Your anonymity and privacy is guaranteed.   I don't need to know your name, I don't need access to your server, and payment is accepted by Paypal.


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Simply email with a link to your current website, or attach the text for your marketing email/s, blog or Social Media posts.

I'll then reply, usually within 24 hours during the working week, with a guaranteed, flat rate quotation to rapidly convert your original text (or existing translation), into more effective, natural, English.

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