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The syntax of spoken English is very different to the written word, requiring a life-long native familiarity with the language and its conversational use.

The medium is also transient in nature.   Unlike print, which can be reviewed and re-read ad nauseam, spoken words evaporate immediately into the aether. . .  and are gone.   As a consequence, their time 'on the ear' is critically important.

With a professional background in radio scripting and voice production, having been a commissioned writer for the BBC and numerous independent UK broadcasters since the early 80's,  (see my outline CV in the 'whois' section),  scriptwriting is my primary skill.

[ BONUS:  Writing for Generative AI. ]

Generative AI is a term used to describe applications  (such as ChatGPT)  that can be used to create new content, including text-to-speech algorithms that convert written text into audio.

There are many such AI voice generators, used extensively by content creators on YouTube, Instagram, 'X' and a plethora of other Social Media platforms.   There are, however, some inherent traps for the unwary and why I include an additional step in the process.

Once you have decided which App, voice and accent options you intend to use, I will submit the completed script. . .  then phonetically re-edit the copy to normalise pronunciation.


Unlike written copy, the length of which is governed by the available display area, voice scripts are measured in time.   There are, however, conventions in the way that a script is presented and punctuated that informs the pace of delivery. . .  and therefore its overall duration.

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As a bonus;  If you require an English actor or actors to deliver your scripts, please ask!   I have partnered for many years with a team of professional British voice artistes who will be happy to provide you with a free audition sample.   Discover more about Colin Day and Emma Thurston by visiting their site at;

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