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Beware of copywriting or translation fees calculated on a per-word or per-hour basis!

These are generally figures plucked from the air, the length of finished text being nothing more than a guess at the outset of a project and is a fee structure only employed usually by inexperienced copywriters.   Hourly rates are similarly indeterminate and can become a contentious issue. . .  which is why I only work on a fixed fee basis.

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Over 30 years of experience means that I know how long any project is likely to take, and this allows me to provide you with a flat rate quotation.   The BONUS content below outlines the five steps in the process and what is included.

[ BONUS:  The copywriting process. ]

There are five distinct steps in any project.

1:  Briefing:  Initially in the form of a no-obligation*, informal, telephone chat. . .  tell me about your business, your customers, your aims and expectations.

*There are no fees payable up to this point.   Only once a quote is prepared and you decide to go ahead does the meter start running!

2:  Research:  Probably the most important step.  I will need to obtain source material. . .  whether through interviews, online research or other documentation and liaison is often necessary with third parties involved in the project;  designers, printers, web developers, PR agencies etc.   Website copy also requires research into keywords, SEO and META content.

Where the subject matter is highly technical or complex, the need for additional, in depth, research effort will be taken into account when preparing your quote.

3:  Creative input:  Most projects will require at least some time to be spent developing creative ideas for strap lines, slogans, product names, or the very effective mechanism of 'search for' phrases. . .  as an example, try Googling the phrase 'blue skies not required' (Solwr Wales) or 'the cows want it back' (Cravendale).

All creative output becomes the client's property and the rights are included in the fee.

4:  Revisions:  Every quote assumes the normal cycle of client proofing and copy revisions.   If, however, the content needs to go through several working versions before approval (often due to number of people involved in the project) I will take this into account at the quote stage so that there are no nasty surprises!

5:  Other functions:  Some projects may include tasks outside of writing, such as two step translations, image selection, uploading content or unusual working methods. . .  all of which are taken into consideration when preparing your quotation.


If I miscalculate, I will bear the additional cost!

a cost guide. . .

Consider the copy in this website as an example;  It took me approximately three days to write, edit and revise the copy, so would have been billed at £325

request a quotation

free of charge. . . with no obligation!

Simply email with a link to your current website, or attach any existing text you may have for your brochure, marketing emails, blog or Social Media posts.

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I'll then reply (normally within 24 hours during the working week) with a guaranteed, flat rate, quotation to complete the necessary works and an expected deadline for delivery.

payment options

paypal or direct bank transfer

Should you decide to go ahead, a deposit equal to 50% of the quoted fee is payable with your order, the balance only becoming due once your completed text is delivered and signed-off.

You may settle invoices via Paypal (using a Paypal balance, credit or debit card), or by Direct Bank Transfer.   You'll find all of these details in the quote email. . .  and I'll begin writing immediately upon receipt of your deposit!

or call any time; 0796 115 2281

Copywriting slogan: read, hear, speak

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