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Copywriting for websites and blogs has made up the bulk of my professional work for the last twenty years. . .  overtaking both print media and PR press releases.

The purpose of any commercial website is threefold;

It must first be found!   You can have the most beautifully designed website on the net, but if no-one can find it. . .   Given that search engines compile their results pages (SERPs) based on the written content of websites, the importance of thorough research and the intelligent inclusion of key words and phrases cannot be understated.

Yes,  images are also indexed by search engines but this process relies largely upon the written description applied to each. . .  and the 'Internet of things' is yet to make its long vaunted appearance.

It must express your values and professionalism.   The 'voice' of its text, the degree of formality (or otherwise) and the vocabulary used all contribute to the perception of your business in the mind of site visitors.   It's for this reason that spelling errors or typos can instantly undermine your business credibility and must be avoided!

Finally, it must inspire a visitor to contact you.   People don't buy from websites, they buy from people. . .  so good website copy needs to include 'calls to action', typified by the 'phone link below.

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key words & phrases

Not to be confused with paid-for Keywords that are promoted by most search engines, these refer to the terms most likely to be used by potential customers who are looking for the goods or services that you provide.

The Meta (invisible)  content of your website can also be included in the copywriting, to ensure that it works with the visible text. . .  further optimising your site for search engines!

By analysing your competition, and the many thousands of search queries used by visitors to sites for which I have written content over the last 30 years, and access to several independent keyword resources, I can advise on their composition.   It also allows me to predict, with a high degree of certainty, the geographical filters that your customers are likely to use (see my Writing Tips page for more).

[ BONUS:  Ongoing copy maintenance ]

Included in every free quotation is an option for me to monitor and address your website's performance in response to customer searches. . .  editing the content to optimise key words and phrases used by visitors.

If you elect to take one of these options I will provide you with a monthly SEO report, plus real-time notifications of any changes or additions made to the meta tags and (hidden) key words.


mobile first

all devices & search engines

In addition to readability, the finished text must also be designed to work within the limited display area of mobile devices such as smart 'phones and tablets, satisfying Google's 'Mobile First' standards.

[ BONUS:  The importance of microcopy ]

Summing up complex topics in just a few words, known as 'microcopy', is a critical copywriting skill.

Mobile devices are an integral part of the web landscape.   On average, mobile currently contributes around half of all web traffic. . .  but this percentage increases dramatically for some commercial sectors and market demographics.   Under 25's, for example, are three times more likely to access your website on a mobile 'phone.

The space restrictions on these smaller screens means that a copywriter must ensure that the most important elements retain their prominence.


some examples. . .

The following are just a small sample of websites that I have recently designed, constructed, researched, copywritten and Search Engine Optimised from scratch. . .  linked here with the full permission of the site owners (all of whom are happy to provide testimonials).   The value of the 'Bonus content' mechanism is perfectly illustrated in the site's Breed Guide.   Try a Google search for 'dog trainer Pembrokeshire'.   This pest control business in Hereford, although offering a range of different pest remediation services, specialises in the control of moles.   Try a Google search for 'mole catcher Hereford'.   A very recent development promoting one of Surepest's close associates. . .  utilising a similar design concept to reinforce their commercial connection.   Try a Google search for 'waspman Herefordshire'.   The holiday rental market in Pembrokeshire is hugely competitive, so this site was written specifically to capture direct bookings AFTER awareness of the cottage names had been created by their long-term Letting Agencies.   With this in mind, try a Google search for 'Catamouse cottage'.   With solar energy being another particularly competitive sector, in addition to general SEO, a 'search for' phrase was developed.   Try Googling 'blue skies not required'.   The esoteric nature of this business (I had no idea that independent Social Workers existed!) demanded greater than usual time spent in research.   Try a Google search for 'social work training Pembrokeshire'.   This multi-disciplinary building contractor specialises in providing building services to the rental property market.   Try a Google search for 'property maintenance Pembroke Dock'.

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Copywriting slogan: read, hear, speak

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